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  KHS STEM Home STEM GotMe STEM Steering Committee iPad Training


Register for iPad TrainingSTEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM skills are vital to be successful in the 21st century and critical to our collective future. Every grand challenge our world faces will be impacted by STEM. Every job, even the ones you wouldn’t expect, will require at least basic STEM skills. Research shows that STEM skills are transferable and needed in every job sector. And, while maintaining North Carolina’s scientific and technological leadership is essential to our economic growth, national security and productive future, we are facing a critical talent gap in these areas.


KHS is a member of the WCPSS STEM Schools Collaborative

WCPSS STEM School Network members commit to:

  • Search out ways to engage, inspire and propel students in integrated learning projects using the knowledge, skills and abilities inherent within the content areas of science and math, utilizing technology and the design and development processes of engineering
  • Hire staff members with STEM expertise
  • Regularly access and use designated STEM curriculum activities through CMAPP and other resources
  • Encourage the use of technology to further STEM education goals for students
  • Actively collaborate and share best practices within the local and state STEM schools networks
  • Actively participate in network activities, and work with other network schools to solve problems
  • Support the faculty in accessing the professional development aligned to STEM
  • Update the school website and print media to highlight STEM education effort


Knightdale High School STEM Information


STEM Goal of the Month (STEM GotMe)


The STEM Goal of the Month is a monthly feature of the KHS Staff meeting. This area includes handouts and additional information for KHS Staff.

KHS STEM Steering Committee 

KHS STEM Steering Committee


An area for the files and information needed by the KHS STEM Steering committee. This committe will work on developing school-wide STEM projects to promote technology integration and interdisciplinary collaboration.

KHS iPad Training 

iPad Integration Into Classroom Instruction At KHS


KHS staff members will gain experience with iOS devices (iPad), apps, and iTunes for teaching and learning and as tools for daily school operations and management.  We will learn basic navigation, explore productivity tools, podcasts and apps, manage workflow and create content to enhance your classroom instruction and engage students through technology integration. Sessions will take place during planning periods. Participants are required to produce artifacts that demonstrate successful application for 1.0 credit. No partial credit. 



DefinedSTEM Information


Defined STEM provides a wealth of video resources that provide relevance and contextual applications for content areas including science, technology, mathematics, engineering, social studies, health and the arts and humanities. The videos are designed to provide students with an opportunity to view careers based upon the content knowledge and skills necessary to succeed within the career.



  KHS STEM Home STEM GotMe STEM Steering Committee iPad Training


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